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The Silver Hat, LLC
19 Tubac Road 
Tubac, Arizona

Travel south on I-19 from Tucson.  Exit # 34.  Go under freeway, turn left at sign, then 2nd & 3rd right into the Village of Tubac.

Two Dimensional ARTISTS: David DeVary, Adele Seronde, Gretchen Lopez,  Molly Hyde, Sally Hall, Pat Doughty, Nancy Bautzmann, Tammie Hunter, Sandy Keller, Cheryl Koen.  SCULPTURES/BRONZES: Adryanna Ciera, Nicolai Medvedev; Liam Herbert, Jerry Harris, Chris Turri, James Moore. JEWELRY: Nicolai Medvedev, Liam Herbert, Terry Henry, Valerie St. John, Regina Medely,  Komala Rohde,  Jim Dunakin, Lye Rayfiled,Brenda Lacefield, Sarah Foster, Susan Herman.  GOURDS: Diane Tollenaar. POTTERS: Ken/Lyn Mikell,               


Lots of art  and jewelry ~ Come and visit our gallery,
you will be pleased!

Visit David DeVary's Abstracts and Modern Art on his page.For David DeVary's Abstracts and Modern Art, go to his page.
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